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Recent Projects

augmented reality (AR) creative production session for the Les Mills app, featuring innovative and engaging c

Les Mills - London, UK

The Les Mills' weekend event in London was captured by Helix through a sophisticated multi camera 360-degree virtual reality shoot. Transcending traditional boundaries, these stunning visuals have been seamlessly transformed into an engaging AR app, allowing you to launch an immersive journey on your phone and relive the dynamic fitness showcase in unprecedented detail.

360° Museum Theatre - Oman

Helix played a pivotal role in orchestrating the entire production journey — from meticulous pre-production planning to the mesmerizing execution of shooting, editing, and seamlessly integrating stunning visual effects for a colossal 360-degree dome experience. ogether, we soared through the breathtaking landscapes of Oman, turning a vision into an unparalleled reality that invites you to lose yourself in the immersive beauty of this majestic country.

A panoramic view of Oman's creative content production studio, showcasing immersive 360-degree experiences.
Immersive projection mapping at the Saudi Arabian Pavilion in the World Expo, displaying captivating visual elem

KSA Pavilion - World Expo
Saudi Arabia / Kazakhstan

Helix had the privilege of contributing to the creation of an audio-visual exhibit for the Saudi Arabian Pavilion in Kazakhstan. Our team produced an impactful short film highlighting the theme of renewable energy, showcased on a substantial 3x12 meter multi-faceted project surface. My role encompassed pre-production, shooting, and assisting in the installation, allowing me to play a vital part in realising this ambitious project.

BME Boy George Hologram
Liverpool, UK

As part of the collaborative team dedicated to the creation of Boy George's holographic presence at the British Music Experience in Liverpool, Helix, actively contributed to various facets of the project. Our involvement spanned the pre-production phase, shooting, editing, and the subsequent installation of the holographic experience. In particular, Helix played a pivotal role in ensuring the successful realisation of Boy George's iconic performances, including renditions of his acclaimed hits, "Karma Chameleon" and "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me."

British Music Experience in Liverpool featuring a holographic performance by Boy George, creating a unique a
Snapchat's London office, showcasing a 3D 360-degree point cloud data environment, offering a dynamic and intera

Snapchat - London, UK

Helix undertook the acquisition of 360-degree video content for Snapchat, utilizing our Insta360 Titan camera to generate a point cloud. This point cloud served as the foundation for an innovative application, enabling individuals to traverse Carnaby Street in London virtually. Users were granted the opportunity to express their creativity by digitally painting the streets according to their preferences, fostering an interactive and engaging experience.

SAASCC - Kuwait City, Kuwait

Helix played a significant role in the development of 18 audio-visual exhibits within the natural history section of the expansive Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre, which at opening stands as the world's largest museum complex.  Our involvement encompassed the entire project lifecycle, including pre-production, shooting, editing, and installation in the natural history complex. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, immersive environments, and compelling interactivity, the museum has consistently delivered a unique and unparalleled experience to its visitors since its

grand opening.

Kuwait Museum and Heritage design audiovisual (AV) experience, highlighting the innovative and immersive element
Hologram projection at the Roman Baths, providing a virtual glimpse into the historical site through captivating

Roman Baths Hologram - Bath, UK

As a contributor to a collaborative team, Helix was involved in the recreation of a Roman-era bathing scene in Bath, UK. Engaging in pre-production, filming, editing, and installation, Helix integrated holographic technology to project these historical scenes into the very rooms where nobility once bathed, offering an immersive glimpse

into the past.

The Mary Rose - Portsmouth, UK

helix contributed to the production, editing, and installation of projections that authentically depicted the day-to-day experiences of the Mary Rose ship's crew during its historical voyages. These immersive visualisations captured the crew's dual roles in times of peace and war, skilfully presented within the cabins where these significant activities unfolded. The meticulously crafted vignettes served as a transformative element, effectively revitalising the historical narrative of the Mary Rose, ultimately earning esteemed recognition through multiple award accolades.

Projection of the Mary Rose onto a ship's hull, showcasing a captivating visual representation of the historical vessel, crea
Marlowe VR reality shooting and cameras setup, illustrating the cutting-edge virtual reality technology used in

Marlowe VR - Canterbury, UK

Helix provided essential Virtual Reality production support for the filming of "Poet, Playwright, and Provocateur, Christopher Marlowe." Utilising five professional Virtual Reality cameras, our team captured 16 live performances showcasing Marlowe's celebrated plays and poetry. This  resulted in a high-quality and immersive representation of the artistic productions, seamlessly blending traditional performance with modern virtual experiences.

KNPC - Kuwait City, Kuwait

Helix contributed to planning, shooting, and editing three exhibits at the KNPC museum. The first was a 120-degree LED screen show highlighting the company's employees. The second showcased the company's 80-year history across 16 screens. The third offered a 360-degree experience with 120 3D elements, providing a virtual tour of the refinery and refining process. Animation on this project was produced by the very talented Ray Gun Media.


Manchester in Lockdown - Manchester, UK

Helix obtained official authorization from the Manchester City Council to document the desolate cityscape during the global coronavirus pandemic lockdown. The resulting 8K virtual reality footage serves as a distinctive historical record, capturing the typically vibrant and populous city in an unprecedented state of emptiness, evoking an

eerie atmosphere.

National Army Museum - London, UK

Helix were part of the team on the production of the AV software for the National Army Museum in London, creating a 32-LED screen audio visual experience. This immersive show welcomes museum visitors and showcases the diverse regiments of the army throughout history, featuring soldiers, their medals, and personal letters home.


NEOM - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Helix was a part of the production team involved in planning, shooting, and editing a commercial for Neom, the new city in Saudi Arabia. This commercial, showcased during the Saudi National Day parade, presented a forward-looking perspective on how the city would incorporate emerging technologies to enhance the quality of life.

Diabetes Case Study - Cairo, Egypt

Helix provided Virtual Reality shooting support in Cairo, Egypt, as we explored the city to create a medical case study on the spread of diabetes. The footage compiled for the University of Toronto, Canada, aims to examine cultural differences and the treatment of diabetes.

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